Remodel Planning

Get to know MCM Houses

Module 3

Master the basics features (and needs) of an MCM house so you don't have to re-invent the wheel to plan your own!

Module Structure

Module 3 Lesson 1 1 Lesson

Bathing and Sleeping Spaces

Module three.  This week should be all fun ideas.  As I’ve said before, when you are updating a Mid-century home … there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. 

Lesson 1 covers some of our homes’ most intimate spaces - our sleeping and bathing areas.  We ask a lot of our modern bedrooms and bathrooms - they need to be sanctum sanctorum, functional and beautiful.  Today I’ll walk you through a little of the history of how people have regarded these spaces both before and during the MCM period.  We’ll get into trouble shooting and problem solving. 

Module 3 Lesson 2 1 Lesson

Cooking and Eating Spaces

This second lesson is going to talk about cooking and eating spaces in your mid-century home.  The kitchen specifically needs its own lesson because it is one of the most complex, expensive and personally specific parts of the house. 

I’ll talk bit about kitchens over time and then the MCM kitchen specifically. It has some. .. quirks.  Then I’ll get right down to suggesting a few small, medium and large changes you can address to your kitchen. 

Module 3 Lesson 3 1 Lesson

Living Spaces

Lesson three covers the living and social spaces of the house.  What I talk about here can, in many ways, be equally well applied to a more formal living room AND to a cozy back of house or basement den /  rec room type space. 

As you’ve come to expect, we’ll talk about the history of this area of the house, how it works in the mid-century home context and what people can and perhaps should change about it.  This space of the house has a lot of thing you can do on a furniture and interior design level but I’m going to focus on bigger more architectural interventions as well.  The sky (or at least the roofline) is the limit here. 

Module 3 Lesson 4 1 Lesson

Inside and Outside Spaces

outside.  We’ll look at how you can create outside spaces that flow nicely through to your interior.  And, I’ll re-address how you can open your interior to views and pathways out - including a few of the areas we’ve already covered like living and eating spaces.