Remodel Planning

Get to Know Yourself

Module 1

Ask the right questions so that you can get the right answers.  

Module Structure

Module 1 Lesson 1 1 Lesson

Finding your Ideal Home Inside Yourself

In Lesson 1, you’ll come up with deep answers to the questions that will unlock your ideal remodel plan.  These answers will give you clarity, confidence, and ease as you move through your home update planing from start to finish.

Module 1 Lesson 2 1 Lesson

Shape the Home that will Shape You

In Lesson 2, we will consider how our homes really serve us.  My goal is to help you think outside the box of what you have … and what surface changes you want to make … to get at how you can craft a home update that will really align with your own needs. 

Module 1 Lesson 3 1 Lesson

Now Re-Introduce Yourself to Your Home

In Lesson 3, we are going to transition further from your idealized home and an assessment of your own needs into thinking about how those can meld with the house you have.  Specifically, you’re going to go on a tour of your own home and get a feel for how each part of it is working to meet your goals.