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Get access to my homeowner driven system to plan a remodel that's perfectly tailored to your own needs with video trainings, workbooks, template and a community of Mid Mod Remodelers to cheer you on.  

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 ready to remodel 

by mid mod midwest

My 3-step system for planning a remodel of your mid-century home that you will love!!

Calling  MCM homeowners

Wish you could plan a remodel for your home that's tailor-made for your taste, runs manageably, step-by-step, makes the most of your house's original features ... and stays on budget?

(yes, it *is* possible.)

Imagine ... 

what if you could ...

  • Transform your pretty ok house into your DREAM home (without breaking the bank).
  • Feel clarity about your remodel and prioritize what really matters most to you and your family.  
  • Get out in front of unpleasant budget surprises by knowing your own home inside and out before you call contractors for bids.  
  • Have the confidence that you are making the right decisions for the right reasons in your remodel.
  • Make the most of your home's mid-century charm while teleporting it forward into the 21st century.  I'm talking kitchen islands built for socializing, main-floor laundry to streamline your life and functional mudrooms to contain the clutter. You know, the good life!  


the Number 1 mistake MOST people make when remodeling is taking the whole remodel planning process out of order.  They make their own lives SO MUCH HARDER by jumping in the deep end first.

In an ideal world, every step of a remodel project flows smoothly from picking up the phone to order a no-hassle update (including everything you've ever seen on instagram) and the estimate comes in at less than you expected.  But in reality - its a lot messier.

Its easy to get overwhelmed!

Plus, you've got a day job, overcommitted life, not quite enough square feet, and a real-world budget.

So don't make your  life harder by planning your remodel in the wrong order.  If you put the details first and your big "why" last ... you'll crash and burn.    Especially if you feel like you need to figure it all out on your own.  

But, you don't have go to it alone.

Hey there, friend.  Let's do it together. 

I'm Della Hansmann,  and  I created the REady to Remodel program to smooth the road for overwhelmed homeowners just like you.

Hi!  I'm an architect who specializes in helping homeowners match their mid-century homes to modern lifestyles ... and a first time homeowner myself.  I'm fixing up my own 1952 ranch in Madison Wisconsin.  So I totally get the overwhelm factor when you are just starting a remodel plan ... or even coming up for air in the middle ... but don't worry.  

There's a secret to taming the remodel chaos.  It's all about taking your home update process in the right order and one step at time!

ready to remodel is my complete, 3-week system for kicking your remodel off right ... so you can create with confidence! 

Get all the goods ... like: 

figuring out what you need from your remodel

Becoming the expert on your own home

digging into the fun history of your house

learning from other MCM ranches 

handling contractor contacts with confidence

prioritizing your ideas into masterplan

using  visualization and project management tools

and more ...

MATT &  KELLY  //  Realtor and Educator

"What an exceptional experience we had working with Della!  Her insight, ideas & design skills came together beautifully to help create a guide for remodeling our mid century home.

She asked questions, listened intently, was patient, and helped us see our house from an exciting new perspective, bringing form and function together, envisioning a renewed space, and creating an adventurous road map to update our home.

Thank you so much!"  

What's In the Course ? 


get to know yourself

Are you planning a remodel for yourself or for a realtor who may may someday sell your house?  You won't be satisfied with a "magazine worthy" remodel if it doesn't fit your own lifestyle.  

Makes sure you're planning are remodel that is tailor made for the the life you and your family want to be living.   It's time to start imagining a house that works for the way you want to live your ideal life.

What does that mean for you ?
  • You'll need to dig deep into what a "home" really means to you.
  • I'll walk you through some fun visualization exercises to think outside the box when planning your home.  
  • What would you do for your home if you knew you were going to stay there for 5 years, 10 years ... or may be forever?  

Module 2

Get to know your own house

Do you feel confident that you know the basics of your home's history, and what kind of maintenance or technical updates it needs now ...and down the road?  If you chat at a home show or hardware store ... do you feel stymied when the salesperson asks basic questions about your house?

Become the expert in your own home so you can plan with confidence.  When you have the right info about your house in hand, you'll be able to make choices decisively and hold your own with the specialists you work with.

What will you learn?
  • Make a simple survey of your house ... get all the facts and figures in one easy-t0-access spot.
  • I'll walk you through how to call up the city and find out the 411 on your zoning and building code status.
  • Learn to read a home inspector's report and pull out the red flag issues your remodel plan should address.  
  • Get a quick advisory on common older-home hazards to be aware of as you remodel ... especially in a DIY.
  • Discover the history of your house.  When was it built, who lived there before you, how has the neighborhood changed over time, and what can you learn from your local design heroes.

Module 3

get to know MCM Ranches

Do you feel like you're all alone struggling with an old fashioned kitchen, a too tight garage, not enough bathroom space and the good-old TV vs fireplace living room challenge?  

You're not.  There are 15 million mid-century ranches in America, and they all share the same pool of common design problems.  The good news is that they are SO CLOSE to being just right for modern families.  Learn from your peers (and my experience) to combat typical MCM house issues with clever solutions. 

What will this cover?

  • We'll go through a classic MCM home room by room, setting up common design issues and knocking them back down:
  • Indoor/Outdoor connections, Entries, Mudrooms, Kitchens and eating spaces, Living and gathering rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Basements.

Bonus Module

pull it all together

While the three main modules are really something we can get through in just three weeks ... pulling it all together and designing the remodel of your dreams may take you a little longer ;-).  That doesn't mean I'll leave you on your own for it.  

The bonus module will set you up for success as you plan your remodel!  Figure out if you're a DIY or hire-it-out type, Identify the "level" of remodel you're planning for, and prioritize a remodel plan that will work for your family, budget and time. 

What you'll do.
  • Decide if your remodel is happening at once ... or in phases that you can masterplan over time.
  • Learn how you can stay organized with paper-based or digital planning systems.  
  • Get confident in setting up a "scope" and reaching out to contractors for bids that you can compare.
I'll share my project management tools with you.
  • Grab a copy of the project management sheets I use to manage my clients' (and my own) remodel processes.  Set up scopes, keep track of contractor contacts, and compare apples to apples with my handy bid forms.

Join the Club

Through out the course ... I'll be joining you ... and your fellow remodelers ... in the private Facebook Community just for course members.  

Share your progress with the group to stay accountable .. and get some great ideas.  

I'll be there every week in a Live Q+A video, plus checking in regularly for your questions and comments.   

Sounds real good!

OK, What will it cost me?

My goal with this course is to share my design experience and make good planning accessible to ANY homeowner regardless of their budget or the scale of their renovation plans.  

Get the lessons, exercises, bonus teaching and tools, AND join the private student community, with access to four weekly Q&A live videos for just $347.

This course is for YOU  if:

  • You're ready to start off your remodel on the right foot, and you want to ensure that you aren't wasting your time by focusing on the wrong things first.
  • You want to get on top of your overwhelm and plan your remodel with confidence. Know you're making the right choices for yourself ... and your mid-century home.
  • You want to avoid all the common frustrations that get people complaining about their remodel process.   When you are working on a remodel that will tailor your house into your dream home ... a little drywall dust will seem so much more manageable. 

Let's get your remodel started right ... right now!

(I can't wait to learn about your MCM home ... right along side you!)

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