Let's remodel your ranch into your dream home

Most new homeowners find remodeling stressful.  I help people clarify their design vision and create a roadmap to their dream house!  

gain confidence

focus your vision

create your dream house

you want to get your house right. 

  • If you're swamped by your budget? 
  • If Decision fatigue is setting in?
  • if you feel  OVERWHELMED?
  • If you're Balancing multiple conflicting Priorities?
  • If you have too many good ideas
  • if you don't have a clear starting point?

Design Makes the Difference!


My husband and I DIY-ed remodeling several homes, but using an architect on our latest home took us in directions we hadn’t imagined. Della really listened to what we wanted, then detailed some great new solutions that wouldn't have occurred to us. She helped us visualize what our space would be like before we began construction, and we ended up with a home that flows, feels good and looks great. It really works for our life like no other home has.


What have you got to lose by going it alone?  

  • You might end up spending time, money, and energy on a remodel but still end up with a home you don't love!
  • You might unintentionally strip your mid-century home of its character in ways that can't be repaired.

Wow.  Let's make sure THAT doesn't happen!

prioritize what matters most

Choose to focus on what will make your home work for you.

Help your Home match your life 

Lifestyles have changed.  A 60 year old house needs a few updates to match.

emphasize mid-century charm

Make the most of - AND ADD TO - your home's mid-century features. 

Work with (this) Architect. 

It's as Easy as one, two, three! 

  1. We'll meet  to analyze your needs and goals.

  2. I'll Put together a design for your home.

  3. if you want, I'll stick around to guide you through every step of the construction process.

I promise to ...

think outside your experience

work at any scale

make the process un-scary

snag some free resources right now

make the extra space in your home you need ... today

download my free guide now!

Easy to follow design ideas for different types of away nooks you can create in your home.  Make space to work, relax, and play ... with things you already have on hand!

What's inside ?

  • key components of good nook design
  • examples: a classic reading corner, a closet office, a child's play away space and an outside oasis
  • resources to get more nook ideas

Mid  Mod 


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Mid  Mod 


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Mid  Mod 


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