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the DIY Remodel Planning Program to ...

Focus your wish list. Transform your home while you keep the Mid-Century charm intact.

Oh, AND stick your budget.   

Let’s make it happen!!

So ... are you ready to Join us inside of REady to Remodel?

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Before I tell you More about this program, Let's make sure you're a GREAT fiT.

You're right for Ready to Remodel if you want to bask in the glow of your (lightly) envious friends and family all admiring your the way your finished remodel seems tailor made to your family and your style. When they ask what you'd do differently if you had to do it all over again, you can smile and say "not a thing."

Ready to Remodel is right for you if you are just champing at the bit to come up with the whole-life-improving updates your house needs to become your Mid Mod dream home, and then to confidently lead a remodel that builds those into your house all at one go, or one year's project at time.

So, if you are ...

Brand New Homeowner feeling exhausted by the house hunting and buying process but ...

  • you’re ready to GET UP TO SPEED  on making this house your own home
  • you want the strategy to avoid the mistakes other people make

DIY Champ a year (or a few) into home owning and improving.  You’ve tackled the obvious projects and got some confidence but ...

  • now you want to make some bigger moves but don’t know where to start
  • you want a plan to take your home update projects to the next level

living in the Same House, but want a New Home.  You’ve lived in your ranch for years, and you’ve changed, but your house hasn’t.

  • you’re ready to finally turn this house into your dream home
  • you want to shake things up and match your house to the life you love

You're in the right place!

Ready to Remodel will give you the framework, inspiration, and enthusiastic support to envision, and then master mind a remodel that tweaks and transforms your mid-century house to fit your life, your style, and your budget!

By the end of this program you will have ...


Answered the key questions of any well planned home update

knocking off those "keep you up at night" issues that bog down a planning process (so you can dive into decision making with confidence.)


Nailed down your Needs 

and what home means to you.  (And gotten straight with your partner and family, too) so you can prioritize all your remodeling decisions large and small. 


Streamlined your style guide 

of materials, finishes and details so that your eventual  process of picking products for your home becomes as point and smile. 


become the expert on your own house

even if you're a total hands-off homeowner, you've got floor plan phobia, or don't know which end of a hammer to hold


Confidently Curated your plans

 winnowing them down from the sky's the limit to the tweaks and out-of-the-box transformations that will work best for your and your home. 


Masterminded Your Master Plan

setting the scope, scale and timeline of your remodel so that you can call a contractor and say "go!" or tick off the first project from your to do list with utter confidence.

What an exceptional experience we had working with Della!  

Her insight, ideas & design skills came together beautifully to help create a guide for remodeling our mid century home.

She asked questions, listened intently, was patient, and helped us see our house from an exciting new perspective, bringing form and function together, envisioning a renewed space, and creating an adventurous road map to update our home.  

Matt and Kelly, 

1959 Ranch, Madison, WI

So ... are you ready to Join us inside of REady to Remodel?

What are you waiting for?  Let's get started!!

Our easiest 12 month payment plan

Save with a single payment

Wondering if it really works?

Let's have some SUccess Stories!

This has helped me explore more broadly than I would have!

Monica - 1950's ranch 

 Fall 2021: "It makes remodeling more accessible!  I don’t have a huge budget but thinking through my plans working through it on the [Ready to Remodel] scaffold makes it much easier!”

Fall 2022: “Concrete progress towards my master plan! Redid the flooring, added Ikea cabinets (still in progress), took down a little wall section and rebuilt a cabinet. I’m starting to feel like there is an end in sight!”

I loved exploring our home room by room.

Kenzie - 1940's builder cottage 

"I didn’t anticipate as much value coming out of [the dream process] but I was surprised.  It has caused me to slow down in making any purchases until I have a master plan and have this in the back of my mind with each decision.”

“I didn’t realize that we actually benefit for our rooms feeling enclosed because we both are seeking a private sanctuary for our home. Everyone is talking about the open concept because it’s trendy, but I learned this is actually not a good move for us and our lifestyle at all”

Love having sorted all our projects by function, utility, and beauty (and effort level)

Lydia - 1950's ranch 

"Organizing like this helps us keep sight of the important infrastructural needs to address, while giving us leeway to do something fun in the meantime that helps us stay motivated.”

“Thinking through the “Why” of any of our remodeling choices helped us not only to have a better sense of which project to prioritize, but also led to some new directions that stand to really improve on what we planned. I have more confidence that where we are putting our money is in the areas that will truly make our life better.”

“My favorite thing is the systematic master plan process. It feels great to go through the steps and feel confident that we aren’t missing something important. We’re really looking forward to actually writing out our master plan to synthesize everything we’ve learned.”

What's inside of Ready to Remodel ...

Everything you need to plan and lead a great remodel for your mid-century Home!

Module 1: Dream up what you want your future home to be.  

So many people end up living in home they remodeled themselves that are designed around someone else's desires.   The MOST SKIPPED step of a modern remodel is to ask yourself what kind of a home you really wished you lived in.  Forget the open-concept, closed room debate.  

That's academic.  What really matters it that your house fit - and creates for you - the life you want to live.  

Here's why it pays to work with someone who's seen it all before.  In this module we'll walk you through the simple questions you must ask yourself to uncover what YOUR needs are as you start to plan.  

Module 1 Highlights:

  • Figure out what you really want out of your remodel (hint: more than the latest shiny tile)
  • Dig into the deeper “why” of your remodel to anchor all your choices big and small through the project to come, 
  • CHECK your home planning wish list AGAINST YOUR PARTNER’S VERSION so that you can troubleshoot any disagreements right here at the start.

In this phase you’ll surprise yourself with some of the things that come up.  You’ll think outside the box and get started prioritizing for a remodel that costs less and that you love more.

Module 2: Discover what’s up with the house you have right now. 

It's alarmingly likely that a homeowner "leading" their own remodel gets pushed around during the process ... even by the most well-meaning contractor.  You won't be happy living in someone else's dream house.  

This happens all too often because when a homeowner doesn't feel confident about the facts and figures of their current home.  It's easy to get thrown off by questions like what's the pitch of your roof? is your house stick framed? is the wiring BX or Romex?  Getting stressed out at the start can lead you to abdicate many important choices going forward. 

The good news?  

You don't need to be a carpenter or a cabinet maker to get confident about your home.  You just need a toe-hold.  When you start on the right foot, any questions you don't already have answers for just become part of your journey of discovery.  

The icing on the cake?  Documenting and detailing your understanding of your home is the perfect way to get future design juices flowing.

Module 2 Highlights:

  • Pull together the essential facts of your house (Don’t worry,  we’ll walk you through exactly how to learn what you need to know at every step) so that you can avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises mid-construction
  • Gain the know-how you need to lead with confidence, because no contractor or home inspector – or even architect – can never know your house better than you do yourself. 
  • Start to assemble the team you’ll lead on your remodel so you can ensure it turns out the way you want – not the way that seems best to your plumber, your dad, or the folks on HGTV.

In this phase, you become the expert in your home and what it needs so that you get to call the shots in your own remodel!

Module 3: Distill your personal MCM style

This is where some real fun happens.

And also ... this is where you save yourself nearly infinite stress over the duration of your remodel.  

We live in a crazy time when the sky (actually the internet) is the limit for choosing the finishes, fixtures, and features of your home update.  With anything available (for a price) how can you possibly choose.   SO MANY HOMEOWNERS get stuck in analysis paralysis.  

Have you ever ended up with 12 browser tabs open comparing different backsplash tiles.  Friend, same!  But ...  There's an easier way.   

Use the style guide method to determine what your home style really looks like and then slowly but surely focus your choices until everything becomes easier!

Module 3 Highlights:

  • Make those hours spent scrolling on social media count (because you know you’re going to keep doing that one way or the other).  Learn how to “read” an image to figure out what you really like about it so that you can “steal like an artist” and adapt great ideas you find online to your own house
  • Roll it up into a clear cohesive plan for the style of your home so you can ensure that the final result looks polished, intentional and creates the vibe you want. 
  • Set parameters that help you focus your options so you can make each choice only once.

In this phase you save yourself the stress of hassle of a million (I am not exaggerating) choices. Think: faucets, handles flooring and colors. Simplify every. single. decision.

Module 4: Draft the possibilities that you want to actually take on in your home. 

The draft phase is about opening up and considering your options as much as it is about deciding on outcomes.  

Going with the first idea that comes into your head is a guarantee that you could have done better.  But you can Goldilocks your way to the the answer that's just right for your home.  

The most effective way to make your house into a  home for your family is to tune up the layout, not tweak how it looks.

The best part about this.  Sometimes this ends up costing you ZERO extra dollars.  Put the exact same built in base cabinet on one wall versus another, and have a whole different day ... every day ... in your kitchen.  

Module 4 Highlights:

  • Get access to the mid-century update design principles I apply to all my own remodel projects - room by room - so that you can blast past the obstacles that have been holding you up.
  • Learn to “see through the walls” so that you can think outside what you have and imagine transformative changes for your layout
  • Brainstorm and  open up multiple possibilities so that you can pick and choose the best solutions for your home, learning from the mistakes and successes of other MCM homeowners before you

This is the phase where you come up with that amazing ideas that transforms your entire remodel, and which you would have completely missed if you skip it.  

Module 5: Develop your master plan. 

A floor plan is not enough for a successful remodel.  You need a masterplan!

When you’ve done your homework in modules one through four, this where the rubber meets the road.  You'll create the custom guidebook for your remodeling journey that will save you time/money/AND emotional resources so that you can have the smoothest possible remodel.

Avoid the headaches, heart aches and pain in the pocket book that comes with jumping into action too soon - nothing is more expensive and upsetting than changing your mind Mid-Remodel.  

This why I want every homeowner to plan their remodel the right way right from the start.  

Module 5 Highlights:

  • Pull together your choices into an easy to access document that sets the scale phases, budget, and methods you’ll use for your remodel.  You create your own guide book to the remodel process to keep you on track from start to finish
  • Transform your entire bucket list into an organized plan that will help you budget, communicate and execute. Then love your great remodel this year or over the next decade.
  • Set the size and scope of your remodel and build out an accurate budget so that you can jump right in or save up with confidence

Your master plan will help you see into and predict the future of your remodel.  If things change, it will help you also roll with the punches as you grow into new ideas, or hit road bumps in the process. Let it evolve with you into your fully fleshed out dream home.  

CHOOSE YOUR FORMAT and Learn on the Go: sit down with a laptop to  learn or turn the course into a podcast and listen to it on the go.  

All lesson content will be available in video and audio and you can pair it with the workbooks for a portable program to fit your needs!


These bonuses to help you keep up your momentum and  streamline every step of your planning process ...

$1997 Value


office hours with della

  •  Let's check in on your remodel plans.  We'll meet Online every month!  Show up when you need help and get your questions answered live!  Share your wins as we go through the program together.  
  • Hear how others are doing, and augment all the program content here!

$997 Value

REPLAY LIBRARY ... for life

  • Can’t make the call live (or just want to hear it all twice)?  Every call is recorded and saved the program so you can “take your answer off the air.”
  • You’ll have lifetime access to this as well as all the other program content!

$997 Value

Join the (Ready to Remodel) Club

  • The private Facebook Community just for current ... and former students!  Keep your lifetime access and join in as future cohorts join the group!  
  • Share progress with the group, stay accountable, and get great ideas from fellow mid-century home updaters.  
  • Get access ASAP when you sign up!

$997 Value

Choose Your Contractor System

  • After design, nothing determines remodel success like the contractor.  Choosing a the right one is hard.  
  • Bonus video lesson on contractor selection (it’s not just about price)
  • Compare apples to apples with the exact suite of spreadsheets I use to manage my own and my clients projects.  

$997 Value

Design-o-Matic Flow chart

  • The easy “How to Pick that Door Handle” flow chart.  
  • The style guide process we talked about earlier helps with this but sometimes you are STUCK needing to make a fast decision.  Use my “pick that finish” flow chart to narrow your option and choose every product for your home update with ease.

Super Eco Value

Green Remodeling Guidebook

  • Do you think of remodeling a mid-century house as a BIG sustainability move ... It is!  You’re preserving great housing stock. 
  • Now learn how to make your remodel even greener with this practical advice ebook  showing you why and how to Green Your Remodel!

$997 Value

Mid Mod Design Ideas Library

  • There is no reason to re-invent the wheel in your MCM home.  Kickstart your DRAFT stage with the video and workbook series on MCM spaces.
  • Get my wealth of knowledge about hundreds of MCM homes distilled down into an easy to use (and ever growing) collection of great design ispiration. It’s essentially an architect in your back pocket.

$497 Value

Remodel Savings Stragegies  Workshop

  • Every remodel has a cost with it, and the good news is we can plan for that! 
  • That’s why I include the Remodel Budgeting Tactics workshop as a bonus for anyone who enrolls today. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks you can use to save up for your remodel, 
  • Plus a primer in my very favorite budget software and how to use it!

$997 Value

 Design Clinic Workshops (past and future)

  • Did you miss the Mid-Century Kitchen Clinic, the Outdoor Spaces Clinic, the Exterior Updates Clinic or the Style Guide clinic we’ve hosted in the past?  Catch ‘em all now!  
  • Walk through the Master Plan process in 2 hours focused specifically on planning  your perfect ONE AREA update.  Get yourself up to speed in any focused area using the following design steps.
  • New clinics come up multiple times a year.  Suggest your own most-needed topic when you're on the inside of Ready to Remodel!

$497 Value

Layout Challenge Buster Workshop

  • 90 minute live weekend workshop   
  • During the Draft module we’ll make sure you get the rocket fuel you need to lay out a great floor plan!
  • Get help with your sticky situations AND get inspired by other people’s floor plan problem solving in this super valuable bonus!


Inside Ready to Remodel alone you get ...

5 Implementation Modules

walking you, step by step, through the Mid-Century Masterplan method to smoothly transform your house into a perfect home for your family.

DESIGN framework

to help you weigh the priorities of the way your home looks, the way it works for you and taking care of necessary repairs and maintenance as you update a mid-century home.

Your guide to a style guide

to simplify and focus your decision making and hyper-focus your style.  Make choices that are uniquely "you" as well as cohesive and consistent.

The Rule of Three method

to help you Goldilocks your way to a design that's just right for you and your home (and come up with ideas you'd never have considered at the start of your planning process!)

when you add in the bonuses that simplify each stage of planning and leading your remodel ...

That's a real world value of $10,000

but you can join Ready to Remodel today for just ... 

Our easiest 12 month payment plan

Save with a single payment


Money Back Guarantee

You're backed by our Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% thrilled with Ready to Remodel.   If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support at business@midmod-midwest.com and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need, or give you a swift refund.

The burning Questions your fellow Mid-Century Homeowners asked before jumping into the Program ...

We're not planning to remodel until NEXT year ... is it too early to plan?

Nope! It is literally never t0o early to start planning.

In fact, right now is the PERFECT time to start planning.  Joining the Ready to Remodel program well in advance of the day you plan to break ground (or save up your last remodeling dollar) actually puts you WAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE.  You'll get the chance to plan, dream and learn with an open mind.  Other people starting later can still benefit (of course) but may feel more under the gun!  You get to relax and master plan in style.  

You might even find that your saving or other preparations go FASTER once you have a master plan in hand!

What if I’ve already started working on my house? Is it too late to plan?

Take a breath!  If you’ve already started remodeling some parts of your house on your own, then you know what an exciting (challenging) experience it can be.

Taking the time now to pause and reset your goals with a master plan will help you super-charge the rest of your project energy.  And it can help tie the whole project together with cohesive mid-century design.  

Will you design the remodel for me?

Designing your remodel is NOT part of the program. That service only comes with our MidCentury Master Plan Packages.   We created Ready to Remodel in order to give you the steps you need to plan the remodel that’s perfect for your home.

Don’t worry, though.   We are not just leaving you on your own to figure it out with some video lessons …  You’ll get monthly live office hours where I will talk about the material we’re working on and give you a chance to ask any other pressing questions about your remodel that are on your time.

We always have time for questions so you can feel supported, and you’ll have a whole community of other homeowners going through the same steps in the Facebook group

I don’t have any remodeling experience.  Can I start here?

YES, Ready to Remodel has the steps you need to get started planning your remodel from SCRATCH.  

We’ll have lesson materials, friendly coaching and a community of enthusiastic fellow home remodelers to help you through every step along the way!

I’m an expert home updater, do I need this program?

Heck, yeah.

You know how hard it can be to plan and manage a remodel on your own.  

Why wouldn’t you want to want a smoother, more streamlined system to keep you on track as you plan?  You’re guaranteed to learn something you can use to make your remodel better (and even more MCM friendly)!

What’s the time commitment per week?

We recommend that you set aside an hour or two each week to watch the module lessons, come to the group office hours call and … think about your remodel.  

You can never spend too much time on design, but even a little bit goes a really long way ... if you spend it well!   

Take just three hours a week, and I guarantee that you’ll have a completely transformed remodeling experience from what you could achieve on your own.  The more time you have to put into, the faster it will come together for you!

And remember to mark your calendar for the first Monday of the month at 6 pm Central! That’s our MONTHLY coaching call day!  (If you can't make it, send in your questions in advance and watch the answers when you'd like!)

how does The Ready to remodel compare to our fast track mini course master plan in a month?  

Della makes every call new and exciting.

Tooba, 1969 Contemporary

"I felt inspired every week to keep at it. 

"My “aha moment: was for another participant when Della did the mini-workshop on placing a TV in a room with a great mid-century fireplace.  I knew immediately that the corner near her fireplace would be perfect for her and her husband’s TV."

The masterplan connects this first project to the whole rest of the house!

Jennifer, 1969 contemporary 

"We just finished the kitchen addition and remodel. It made the functionality of our home so much better - the entire kitchen had been so much smaller, the back wall of the house had been where the sliding glass doors are. And falling apart - a 90s remuddle so we weren’t removing anything original. 

"Having a master plan for how to connect this with the rest of the house is really helpful for when we do the next project!"

My husband and I are on the same page.

Judith, 1962 Ranch

"Ready to Remodel got my husband and I talking and on the same page about how we wanted the house to function and feel.”

“We realized that we both love being outside on the screen porch and patio. We want easier access to outdoors/back yard. Right now the path from the kitchen to the screen porch involves walking through the back bedroom to a sliding door to the porch. We have a very large backyard with unused potential.”

if you're thinking "THIS SOUNDS AMAZING, BUT I'M STILL NOT 100% SURE" ... Keep reading!

You should give Ready To Remodel a 14 day risk free shot if you're motivated by any of the following: 


You want to get STARTEd planning your home improvements.  NOW.

You recognize that there is no "perfect" time to start planning (other than yesterday, of course).  

That doesn't mean you don't feel a little anxious about getting this ball rolling. But it does mean you're tired of sitting around expanding your remodeling wish list without having any sense of real progress.  You want to start making progress


you want to know you're making the right choices

You want to get on top of your overwhelm and plan your remodel with confidence. Know you're making the right choices for yourself ... and your mid-century home.

You want the support you need to cut through indecision and keep on making progress!


You want to keep (or put back) the mid-century style in your mid-century home.

You want to avoid all the common mistakes that have people regretting about their remodel choices.  

When you are working on a remodel that will tailor your house into your MCM dream home ... a little drywall dust will seem so much more manageable and your home will be EXACTLY what you dream.

Having a picture perfect house won't change your life ...

But living in a home that is perfectly tuned to your family can send you out into the world ready to thrive, and welcome you back every night to recharge and reset.

Most people never even get around to kicking off their remodel plans.  They just live in their house as they found it dreaming of a day when their home will magically adapt to their lifestyle.

Many of the people who DO manage to call in a contractor make the mistake of defaulting to what they've seen on HGTV or happened across on Pinterest and end up living in someone else's idea of the perfect home.  

You can do so much better!

Just because mid-century ranch homes were built by the millions doesn't mean your remodel should end up feeling mass manufactured.  With a little time and effort you can end up with a project that is absolutely personal to you and to your family.

You might be feeling like you don't have the design skills to custom create a home remodel plan for yourself.  

Here's what I want you to believe ...

Once you ask yourself the right questions, no one knows better what you need for your home than you do.  You will find answers that  amaze you.  

The Masterplan Method laid out inside of Ready to Remodel will walk you through that process, step by step.

I can't wait to meet you, hear your plans for your house, and cheer you on as you begin the process of making it your mid-century dream home.


Our easiest 12 month payment plan

Save with a single payment