Am I Wrong to Love Mid Century?

When HGTV, Home Depot, every contractor you’ve spoken to so far, and some of your friends and family are all questioning why you like that feature of your mid century house, it can feel like maybe they’re right and you’re not. You can ask yourself, am I wrong to love mid-century?

No, of course not! Your mid mod home is great!

How can you find other people besides me to reinforce you when you love mid-century? You need a community of people who can share war stories, advice, and wins from their experience and updating, repairing, and maintaining mid century homes.  So, today, we’re going to talk about how to make that happen!

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First, though, why there is so much bad (for us) advice out there?

Note: it’s not all generally bad advice.  It’s just not advice keyed toward your mid-century home.  If you live in an 80’s contractor build home, you might be best served by seeking out DIY home update influencers who show you what you can do with a paint roller and a staple gun in a weekend!

  1. People want you to “put your stamp” on the house so they advise you to change things to make them your own.  (Maybe you like it the way it is or maybe it only needs a tweak instead of a transformation!) 
  2. Before and After photos: nothing is more “eye-catching” than a Mid-century wood or brick element painted startling white.  DIY bloggers do it to stop your scroll.  (Your actual home is not a before/after comparison.)
  3. Product suppliers want to sell you something and it’s pretty hard to sell you what you already have.  (What you have is actually doing just fine or only needed a little maintenance.)
  4. Contractors and installers like a “fresh start” and it’s easier for them to tear out what’s there and start from scratch than it is to work around existing features in your home. (Too bad.)

How you can push back:

Build community.  Surround yourself with people both online and in real life who love mid-century as much as you do!

Here are some places you can start:

When you grab my free resources list, don’t just follow the people listed.  Reach out to them on their channel of choice and say “hi.”  Ask them for advice and share your love for mid-century!

Make an effort to attend in person Mid-Century events like Modernism Week in Palm Springs in February or Denver Modernism Week coming up on August 19th!

Come meet me there!  I’ll be giving the keynote talk at the first ever RetroVation Expo in Denver this weekend at 11 am (mountain) on August 20th!

Show up for the “Planning an MCM Remodel to Fit Your Life (and Budget)” FREE Masterclass on Saturday August 27th to spend some time with the hundred plus (so far) other mid-century homeowners who will be there in the journey of learning how to plan a GREAT remodel that suits the mid-century house they love!

Join in with Ready to Remodel this September when we start a fresh group of homeowners who love mid-century homes on the process of planning great home updates for this year, next year and the decades to come!  (This is your BEST option for building the confidence you need to push back on anti-mid mod planning advice!)

Where will you start?

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