Am I willing to build a new style element around this one object.

 Maybe there Should be things like this in the house ...



A little more on this ...

OK, so the object you’re looking at isn’t like anything else you’ve got in the house or anything else you’ve chosen this far.

So now you have a choice to make. Actually you have three:

1. you can make a choice right now that you love this object so much you’re going to amend your style guide. 

2. you could say the heck with it I don’t care if it matches I love the subject so much I can go ahead and stand out like a beautiful, Sore thumb.

Choose Yes

Or ... 

3.  you can decide that although, in fact, do you like this object, it doesn’t match enough of the other things you want in your life to justify purchasing it as a standalone style.

Choose No.

Don't worry if you decide to make a permanent change to the overall direction of your home choices so that other items chosen and future can coordinate with this one.  

That’s a fine way to make a choice - and build out your style guide.  If you love this object enough to consider it maybe you’d love other things that look just like it scroll up to your options and carry-on.