A little more on this ...

Sometimes it's hard to tell what species of wood you are dealing with ... in that case just go with what it looks like.

Honey warm is right for your MCM.  

While you don’t need to make sure each piece of wood in your home came from the same tree you do want it to feel like part of one big friendly family.  The best way to do that is to stick to a warm mid-value wood color.  

Look for subtle, fine grained wood to match your original MCM style. 

These two extremes are less appropriate for your house:

Dark wood with strong grain patterns. 

Generally “old timey” feeling that calls up Farmhouse, Craftsman or Victorian style homes … it also shows up a lot in 80s’ era remodels when Victorian was the retro-cool style of the day.  In general it does not play well with MCM styles

Blonde wood

More contemporary.  This calls up Scandinavian minimalism, modernism and some Industrial chic.  Think raw plywood and exposed 2x4 structure.  It can be fun and playful but its also not what you want for an MCM home.  

REMINDER: ALWAYS compare in real life

Ultimately the best way to know if two different woods will work well with each other is to hold up two medium sized samples next to each other IN THE ACTUAL SPACE.