YES!  I WANT help Planning  my MCM Addition!

Did you know that your house was built for an addition?

It's true! Mid-century homes were constructed to be added on to and I can help you figure out the perfect spot to add the space you want. 

You can have all the space you need ... in the house you love!

Planning a perfect mid-century home addition is all about the details.  

And there are A LOT of them.  It is so easy to get snowed under that "I'm totally overwhelmed by all the decisions" is the #1  problem I hear about from folks who are mid-remodel.  Then they start making poor choices as a result. 

Want to plan a right-sized addition that looks original AND costs you less money and sleep at night?

It's actually pretty simple.  All you need is master plan.  

Adding on to your mid-century home is not rocket science, my friend.  But a great addition that fits the era and style of your house does require a little finesse.

I know.  YOU REALLY NEED A SECOND BATHROOM (or mudroom or hangout space)!  

Hot tip: Slow your roll with me for just a minute and I can simplify LITERALLY EVERY remodeling decision you'll make. No lie. 

That is, if you do it right.  

In this brand new, never-offered-before training I'll Teach you...

  • How to pick the perfect spot for that extra space.  
  • How to use my Mid-Century Addition Dreaming exercise to clarify what a "dream home" means for you and your family.
  • Tools to help you grab the "keystone" measurements of your actual house so that you can get real about what's possible for you.
  • Strategies for sifting your Pinterest and Insta saves for max effect so that you can create a Style Guide  - and make ALL YOUR PLANNING 100% EASIER.
  • The design principles of a GREAT MCM UPDATE. Plus, I'll walk you through real world examples from mid-century homes in every shape and size.
  • What it means to take a Master Plan approach to your addition so that you can lead your remodel with confidence!

In short ... I'm giving you:

The secrets I use to design amazing additions for my own 1:1 Mid-Century Master Plan clients (which help them focus their projects and communicate clearly with material suppliers and general contractors to magical effects) in this  LIVE Workshop on October 14th @ 11 AM (central)

Learn how to add just the space you need in this super-valuable, action-packed Two Hour (probably plus a little) Workshop.

Let's get to it, my friend!  We'll go through it together, step by step!

Get practical design strategies and dozens of real-world examples from mid-century homes just like yours so that you can start PLANNING the home of your dreams THIS WEEKEND!