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How to Plan a Mid-Century Remodel

to fit your life (and budget)

5 steps to a Remodel you lead with confidence!

Believe it!  A remodel that enhances your home's MCM charm WHILE you check off maintenance and tailor it to perfectly suit your life and family!⁠⁠

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during the Masterclass:

  • That you are 100% right to love your Mid-Century home (and some fun facts you can share with anyone who doubts it)
  • How to AVOID the biggest mistakes other homeowners are making on their remodels (that ALWAYS result in a remodel that costs more, takes longer and … doesn’t do end up how they want)
  • My five step process for planning a remodel YOU CAN LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE: one that will turn the house you have into a home you’ll love
  • How to cut the chaos of remodeling in HALF with one simple maneuver (seriously, everyone should do this!)
  • Where to start if you don’t feel ready or have enough free time right now to make changes and are always just waiting until the “right time”

Is this class for you?  Well ... see if any of THIS resonates with you ...

Where do I start?

You're a new MCM Homeowner

Finding  the house was was hard.  Buying it was exhausting ... but you're ready to get up to speed now and make this house your home, ASAP.  
You want a clear strategy to avoid making the mistakes other people always seem to make!

What's the big picture plan?  I need a roadmap!

You know how to tackle a DIY project 

You've been in this house for a year (or a few) and you've tackled the obvious projects.  You're a pretty confident DIY champ, in fact.  
But now you want to make some bigger moves and you don' t know where to start.  You want a plan to take your weekend projects to the next level!

How do I re-invent a home I've lived in for years?

You've been in this house for years

Decades, maybe!  (Did you buy this house before you even knew what mid-century style was or think it was cool?)  
You've changed over the years but your house ... hasn't.  It's time to really shake things up and turn the house you have into the home you dream of.

Can I update, but still keep this charm?

Your house is a total Time Capsule

Literally nothing has changed in this house in 60 years and ... some of it needs some work.  But the rest is really cute. 
You're afraid to change anything without getting talked into changing everything.  You don't want to spend a bajillion dollars and end up with an HGTV special!

I need a time machine!  Can I turn back the clock?

Your house has been completely "Chipped, flipped and stripped"

All your neighbors have the cutest little MCM houses but yours is entirely covered in shiplap and white paint.  Is all lost?  What can you even do?  How do you set about making smart choices that can bring back some of the mid-century charm you were hoping to find!?

What people say about the class and clinics ...

Got Questions?  I've got answers!

Is this masterclass actually live?

It sure is! You may have seen my pre-recorded "evergreen" video floating around (because I want people to be able to get answers when they need them).  But, a few times I year, I clear my schedule on a Saturday and share this masterclass with you LIVE, because there is really no feeling like a room full of fellow Mid Mod Lovers all sharing our enthusiasm together!

I don't have any remodeling experience?  Can I start here?

Absolutely!  Come on in, the water is fine.  This class is going to have plenty of cheerleading, "start here" advice, and step by step frameworks you can use to make the process of a first time remodel way less intimidating.

I've remodeled before.  Will I learn anything new here?

Heck, yeah. You already know how hard it can be to plan and manage a remodel on your own. Why wouldn’t you want to want a smoother, more streamlined system to keep you on track as you plan?  You’re guaranteed to learn something you can use to make your remodel better (and even more MCM friendly)! 

Will there be a chance to ask questions during the masterclass?

Absolutely there will.  I'll be asking for your feedback in comment form all through the class because it's so helpful to see that other homeowners have the same struggles YOU DO!  We'll catch your comments and questions during the masterclass and I'll answer every one of them live in the Q&A section at the end.  

I promise to stay and answer every single question!

I can't make it on Saturday.  What do I do?

There will be recorded replay.  Because, of course there will!  BUT you should still sign up in advance and then send an email or a DM to me with YOUR BIGGEST REMODEL QUESTION so that I can add it to the Q&A section and you'll see it in the video later!

Is it really free?

It is.  My mission as an architect is to save EVERY MID-CENTURY HOME IN AMERICA FROM A BAD REMODEL and that includes yours.  So I'll happily give you a pep talk, some invaluable advice, and my personal framework for planning great remodels ... all for the pleasure of your company on a Saturday morning.  

If you need more help from Mid Mod Midwest to plan a great remodel, I'll also be happy to tell you how that works (at the very end).  
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