YES!  I want help moving from a mood board to My mid-century style guide!

If you have ever struggled to pick out a tile, faucet, or handle you know that these choices can each feel like a mini migraine in the making!

There's a better way to do it! Let me help!

You can call it a Style Guide ... or the SECRET SAUCE!

Planning a perfect mid-century home upgrade is all about the details.  

And there are A LOT of them.  It is so easy to get snowed under that "I'm totally overwhelmed by all the decisions" is the #1  problem I hear about from folks who are mid-remodel.  Then they start making poor choices as a result. 

Want to plan a remodel that looks better than theirs AND costs you less money and sleep at night?

It's actually pretty simple.  All you need is a style guide.  

Building a Super Simple Style Guide is not rocket science, my friend.  But it does fly in the face of your instincts sometimes.


(Slow your roll with me for just a minute and I can simplify LITERALLY EVERY remodeling decision you'll make. No lie. )

That is, if you do it right.  

In this brand new, never-offered-before training I'll show you ...

  • How to put a name on your personal Mid-Century style (and come to an agreement with your partner on your plans (if their style happens to differ from yours) to kick start an lazy design research process
  • What it means to preserve, to remodel, to update and to upgrade ... and which one is going to suit YOUR home plans the best
  • Where to go for EASY to use inspo.  We are not in high school anymore. You ARE allowed to look at your neighbor's "test."  Or off of the super remodels show in Atomic Ranch and on Instagram.  But make sure you're cheating off the "paper" of the right person
  • How to sift effectively through magazines, instagram and pinterest.  Put your scroll time to good use by actually capturing those great ideas you see and envy every day
  • To boil down what you've found into a style sheet - WHICH IS NOT A MOOD BOARD - that will help you get the look for less and make choices that work perfectly for the house you actually have
  • Where to go next ... into the sample collection, and spreadsheets that will turn your Style Guide into reality.  

In short ... I'm giving you:

The secrets of the style guides I create for my own 1:1 Mid-Century Masterplan clients (which help them focus their projects and communicate clearly with material suppliers and general contractors to magical effects) in this workshop replay recorded on June 1 @ 11AM (central)

Learn how to create just the right mid-century vibe in this super-valuable, action-packed Two Hour (probably plus a little) Workshop.

Let's get to it, my friend!  We'll go through it together, step by step!

Get practical design strategies and dozens of real-world examples from mid-century homes just like yours so that you can start STYLING the home of your dreams THIS WEEKEND!