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here's what our clients have to say ...

Thank you so much!  IT IS HAPPENING!  We took the shutters off the house last weekend and it already looks so much better!   Our new doors will be installed on Monday! 

Charissa and Davin

1955 Ranch, Boise, iD

Wonderful, Della!  Thank you. I am finalizing the cabinets this week and wanted to put in the down payment so I can get on the list since they are booking out until September now.  The contractor seemed fairly certain about the vaulting and we are moving forward!

Elizabeth and Andrew

1953 Split Level, Madison, WI

These design ideas will really help to open the house up and make it live larger.  We now know how to move forward.

Elizabeth and Andy

1946 Ranch, Blacksburg, VA

Here are some pics after the floors were leveled and now that the walls are up. This is definitely progress!  Now we are waiting on a bunch of their stuff to become available for the shower.  Trying to decide on final lighting/mirror picks.  That is where we are! I will send some pics in another email after I go take them.

This is definitely progress!  

Sally and Matt

1963 Contemporary, Ann ARbor, MI

Now we have a clear vision for what is possible. We want to honor the MCM ranch style principles, but add the efficiencies and incorporate lifestyle changes that have happened since 1958.  

Drew and Jen

1959 Ranch, Madison, WI

We are excited and thrilled!

Laura and Jose

1946 Ranch, Blacksburg, VA

Wow, even more impressed! We've got great ideas to follow up on!  What splendid ideas! We are going to start on the painting first! Again, thank you so much. We both had fun – you’re so helpful, and approachable!

Margy and Scott

1969 Contemporary

To say we are excited is a massive understatement.  We are really glad to have found your team.

Rebecca and Phill

1955 Ranch, MAdison, WI